Are you a femme who’s curious about Kink or BDSM?

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Years ago a client called me a Wicked Minx. The name stuck. Minx historically has meant a woman that is too bold and too sexual. Audacious. Being called a minx was never a compliment. But I aspire to be too bold, too sexual, and always and forever, Audacious. Join me?

Unleash Your Inner Minx: Eight weeks of empowerment, camaraderie and BDSM education

Give the male gaze the cold shoulder and discover what you truly enjoy. Unleash Your Inner Minx with eight weeks of empowerment, camaraderie and femme focused BDSM education led by a femme with nearly 30 years of experience in kink and BDSM.

What does it mean to Unleash Your Inner Minx?
To step into your dominance. 
To embrace your submission.
To explore your fetishes.
To feel more confident in your day to day life.
To connect with a group of other like minded femmes and support each other on your journeys. 

Unleash Your Inner Minx is an approachable, shame-free, femme-centered program – lead by a professional kinkster (with nearly 30 years of being a wicked minx under her garter belt).

Each week you will get:

  • A 90 minute group video call (recorded in case you miss one)
  • Weekly “Office Hours” with Natasha
  • Guest speakers workshops from some *very* interesting friends of mine
  • A private community forum for all aspiring minx to stay connected
  • A PDF of my book Kink for the Curious.

Our journey will be based on my book – Kink for the Curious, previously Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls. It is full of color pages, puzzles, games, and solid BDSM information. It’s written based on what I’ve learned over my nearly 30 years of working with curious people like yourself. While anyone kink curious would enjoy it, it is written with you – the kink curious femme in mind.

About your Guide – Princessa Natasha Strange

Princessa Natasha Strange
Princessa Natasha Strange

Princessa Natasha Strange is:

💅 A professional dominant
🖤 Dungeon owner
🍎 A BDSM educator
📚 Published Author
🌍 A matriarch of many
💖 An aspiring cult leader
🦹‍♀️ A wicked minx with nearly 30 years experience in the world of kink and BDSM

She is passionate about shame-free femme-centered, BDSM education and women’s empowerment, and loves to work with femmes who are curious and ready to take action to change their mindset and start their next chapter.

She excels at creating approachable spaces for people to explore scary, intimidating things through the use of puns and laughter. She delights in all things Disney, small dogs in pajamas, and transforming dude-bros into her sissified playthings.


Who is this course for?

Anyone has been raised and/or conditioned femme or identifies as a woman.

Parts of this class will address the damage that happens to women’s self esteem when we are constantly told to be nice, make sure people like us, and “here are 7 ways you can make yourself more appealing to everyone around you” bullshit that shines at us from every news rack. We will discuss the drain emotional labor that expected of us. And how emotional labor and the constant need to change ourselves to be accepted effects our desire. We will talk about the virgin and the whore paradox and how we are all a little bit of both. 

And finally, we will talk about kink and power exchange. BDSM. This is aimed at people who are new, or fairly new to kink. We will discuss a lot of activities and ideas and not all of them will appeal to you, and that is fine. This is an open minded group who respects the activities others are interested in, learns and listens, but never shames. 

We have enough of that in the outside world. 

How much time will I need to invest each week?

In addition to attending the live class and office hours, you are invited to spend as much or as little time working on that week’s chapter in the textbook Kink for the Curious and comparing notes in our community chat as you like. 

What does a typical weeks class like?

Most weeks I will broadcast from Sub Rosa, my dungeon space in Portland Oregon. While I have a topic, I do prefer an interactive class rather than talking to a screen, so please feel free to interact in the chat and ask questions. If you have the question, I’m sure others do as well.

Do I need kink experience to join?

Nope! Just be curious, opening minded, and ready to explore your bad-ass self! 

What supplies do I need?

A copy of my book, Kink for the Curious, which you can purchase on Amazon, or download when you register, some colored pencils or crayons if you like to color, a pencil or pen to take notes. No need to invest in BDSM supplies! Over the course of the our time together you may learn about toys, equipment, and clothing you do want to invest in though! I will provide lots of resources!

Do I need to be a woman to join?

Gender is a funny thing. It’s not as binary as we have been told. This is a class for women. This is also a class for people who have been conditioned female and feel comfortable surrounded by femmes. This includes non-binary folks, trans women, and trans men who feel more comfortable discussing their sexuality surrounded by accepting femmes rather than dude bros. If someone who doesn’t represent you passes laws governing your body, this is the class for you. This is NOT the space for you if you see gender as simply male and female. This is also most definitely not the space for cis men. You will be dismissed from the course and all associated gathering places should you make others feel uncomfortable about their gender, or their kinks no matter your gender presentation.

Do you keep men out?

The short answer is no.

Nope. I’m not the genital police. If a CIS man wants to join and listen and learn, I think that’s great. More of them should listen and learn. That being said, I think very few men would find this the scandalous lesbian pillow party they are hoping for and grow bored quite quickly as we process emotions which I find are the basis of all kinky fears and desires. As this is an online course, I can’t police who logs in. But if anyone makes anyone uncomfortable, they will be asked to leave. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, please reach out and let me know.

What if I’m more submissive? 

This is a class for femmes that want to explore their kinks! Tops, bottoms, submissives, dominant, submissive goddesses, service tops, and fabulous switchy fairies. This class is about discovering your kinks and desires so you are in no way expected to understand them when you sign up! And you won’t fully understand them at the end of the course, but you will be well on your way to a lifetime of kinky, fun, explorations armed with the knowledge you need to learn more about yourself. 

This feels scary! 

That’s probably a good thing! Change doesn’t happen in your comfort zone! I strive to make this space a shame free accepting space for exploration and self examination. I want everyone to talk about the weird pervy stuff they like. To share the strange fantasies we have. And I’m sure we all that that cartoon or TV show that made our tummies feel funny when we were kids. Lean into that fear. Look at it and decide why it’s scary. Who are you without that fear?

What is your refund policy?

The official policy is no refunds, but if something comes up that will prevent you from finishing the course, please reach out. I understand that life happens.